GULYÁS, Gábor György, Ph.D.

About me

Gabor Gulyas

I am a person who believes that privacy is a valuable and inseparable part of life. It is something that worth to be protected, even against the engineered decay it faces today. Thus, as a researcher I tackle practical privacy problems, and as an activist I propagate how-to-s and knowledge back to the society.

Currently, I am a Postdoc at the Privatics team (INRIA) working with Claude Castelluccia. I obtained the PhD degree at the CrySyS Lab (BME, Hungary) in June 2015. My PhD supervisor was Dr. IMRE, Sándor. The focus of my thesis was on how privacy and anonymity could be preserved in social networks. [Spoiler: protecting privacy is hard, so don't join social networks unless you have a strong reason. :) ] You can find my thesis here.

I regularly publish on privacy issues. Recently, I started blogging about my research and interesting things in English, but I also contribute to the International PET Portal and Blog on a weekly basis in Hungarian. I also have a Twitter account (GulyasGG), where I highlight important news.

I also have a GitHub account with some interesting open source code repositories.


Research and professional areas of interest

I mainly focus on issues related to data privacy and web tracking, for example, I have done research related to fingerprinting techniques and possible defenses.

My keywords in more details:

  • Data privacy and machine learning
  • Anonymity and privacy on the web, tracking users, anonymous browsing
  • Privacy issues in social networks (especially: de-anonymization, identity management and structural anonymity metrics)
  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), data protection, anonymity, privacy in other areas
  • Anonymity, pseudonymity, privacy-enhancing identity management
  • Using steganography as a tool for enhancing privacy
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