GULYÁS, Gábor György, Ph.D.


Here you can find information on my educational activities. As I currently devote my whole time to research at INRIA, these are mostly past activities.

Talented students who I supervised

Enlisted works are usually in Hungarian.

Previous courses (BME, Hungary)

We had a course titled as Anonymity and Privacy in Modern Information Technology Services (BMEVIHIAV18).
Slides and other stuff is available here (students only).
(Earlier this course was titled as Privacy Enhancing Technologies and had a partial overlap in the set of discussed topics.)

I also taught in the course on Processing of Personal and Public Data (BMEVIETM294).

Ocassionally, I gave one or two lectures (per semester) in the course of Data Protection and Freedom of Information (BMEVIETAK54).

My current project laboratory topics can be found here (in Hungarian).

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