GULYÁS, Gábor György, Ph.D.


Highlights of my (semi-)public research and professional talks.

Title/Topic Event & Place Date
Case Studies on iOS and TOR Browser: Why Limiting Access is not Enough to Block Fingerprinting
INDES Team at INRIA Sophia Antipolis 2017-09-05
Browser Extension and Login-Leak Experiment
APVP 2017, Autrans 2017-06-21
Extension/Login Leak: How you are tracked via browser extensions and websites you stay logged in
Internet Privacy Engineering Workshop, Vienna 2017-06-09
I am proud to state here that our extension and login-leak experiment has been presented at the European Partliament in Brussels (at the ePrivacy – Challenges from browsing to content analytics event, 2017-06-07), and at European Security and Privacy 2017 conference as a short talk (2017-04-27), both by Nataliia Bielova.
New Web Tracking Technology: How Websites Can Identify You By Your Browser Extensions and Web Logins RightsCon 2017, Brussels 2017-03-29
Browser Extension and Login-Leak Experiment PrivaSki 2017, Corrençon-en-Vercors 2017-03-08
Fingerprinting, re-identification & machine learning Privatics Retreat, Corrençon-en-Vercors 2017-01-18
Re-identification and fingerprinting
Lecture, Université Grenoble Alpes 2017-01-10
An Efficient and Robust Social Network De-anonymization Attack
paper slides demo code
WPES'16 (colocated with CCS'16), Vienna 2016-10-24
Near-Optimal Fingerprinting with Constraints
paper slides Video
PET Symposium, Darmstadt 2016-07-21
Taking Re-identification Attacks of Social Networks to the Next Level
Seminar talk, UCL, London 2016-03-31
Near-Optimal Fingerprinting with Constraints PrivaSki 2016, Corrençon-en-Vercors, France
The illusion that comes with a price: privacy on the web
Seminar, KDD Lab, ISTI-CNR, Pisa 2016-02-25
Machine learning and re-identification KDD Workshop '16, San Giuliano Terme 2016-02-24
Machine learning for re-identification Privatics Retreat, Corrençon-en-Vercors 2016-01-21
Advanced social network de-anonymization attacks Seminar @ Inria Montbonnot 2015-06-23
Citizenfour screening with a panel-like discussion afterwards Mensa organized event, Lurdy House, Budapest 2015-05-21
Protecting Privacy Against Structural De-anonymization Attacks in Social Networks
official record materials
Ph.D. defense @ BME, Budapest 2015-05-13

Privacy protection

Cloud security

[industry training] 2015 February
Big Data Privacy
slides video
Cryptonite, HSBP, Budapest 2014-12-05
Web privacy
slides video
Cryptonite, HSBP, Budapest 2014-11-28
Potential threats of mouse-based behavioral tracking CrySyS Lab Open Day, BME 2014-11-26
Measuring Importance of Seeding for Structural De-anonymization Attacks in Social Networks
paper slides
SESOC'14, Budapest 2014-03-28
Exposing individuals in anonymized large datasets BigDataDay'13, Budapest 2013-09-12
Hiding Information in Social Networks from De-anonymization Attacks by Using Identity Separation
paper slides
CMS'13, Magdeburg 2013-09-26
Measuring Local Topological Anonymity in Social Networks
paper slides
PinSoDaWorkshop, Brussels 2012-12-10
Panel discussion: Anonymity on the internet Simonyi Charles College, BME 2012-11-05
Economic Surveillance on the Web: Cutting-Edge Technologies in Profiling (and what can we do against it) Living in Surveillance Societies Workshop, CEU, Budapest 2012-10-02
Email privacy awareness raising acitivist campaign Exhibition on surveillance, CEU 2012-10-01
Press conference on our results of device fingerprinting (with K. Boda, I. Székely)
press coverage press release gallery
BME 2012-04-04
User Tracking on the Web via Cross-Browser Fingerprinting
NORDSEC'11, Tallinn 2011-10-28
Hiding on the social networks: with name, pseudonym, or anonymously? Talk @ NyME, Sopron 2011-04-12
2010 and earlier
Press conference: International PET Portal and Blog starts
press relase gallery
CEU 2010-11-08
Tracking users on the web and related PETs (with Á.M. Földes) [industry training] 2010-09-13
Online panel talk (with Cs. Krasznay, R. Wendolsky [Jondos]) 4th Data Privacy Day 2010-01-28

Recent (Research) Activites in Hungary

Nexus-Identity Networks: PET for Social Networking Services

PET Convention 2009.2,Regensburg 2009-10-08
I am blogging just for you (with T. Paulik)
slides write-up
Hacktivity 2009 2009-09-19
Modeling Role-Based Privacy in Social Networking Services
SECURWARE'09 2009-06-21
Privacy enhancing technologies [industry training] 2009-06-09
Design of an Anonymous Instant Messaging Service
PET Convention 2009.1, Dresden 2009-03-25
Panel talk: Why don't people use PETs? 3rd Data Privacy Day, OSA 2009-01-28
Organizer, host of the Internet and Privacy Section, moderator of the session closing panel discussion
Hacktivity2008 2008-09-21
Technical Issues Regarding ISPs: Tech-Based Countermeasures to Non-Technical Problems
Data Retention for the Internet, International Workshop at CMCS, CEU, Budapest 2008-09-19
Press conference for the book entitled "Free data, protected data 2" N/A 2008-09-16
Comprehensive Analysis of Web Privacy and Anonymous Web Browsers
Space 2008, Trondheim 2008-06-17
PET Portal: new forum on PETs (with I. Székely)
Data protection forum XXX 2008-03-19
Analysis of an anonymous instant messaging service in regular and mobile contexts
Data protection forum XXVII 2007-09-19
PETs and instant messaging services (with B. Póka, D. Szili) 4th Simonyi Conference 2007-04-24
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