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These are projects on privacy or transparency enhancing technologies where I participated. Others are awareness raising utilities.

Note that this list is not intended to be an exhaustive; it mainly concerns projects that resulted in tools or websites what are available to the public.

Hot & new

New Web Tracking Technology: How Websites Can Identify You By Your Browser Extensions and Web Logins

March of 2017 | Awareness raising, data collection | Website

An interesting privacy-awareness raising project & fingerprint demo website. Shows how websites can detect what extensions you have installed in your browser and to which other websites you are logged into. Websites may collect these pieces of information for various reasons; either to track you, or to learn more about you.

Fingerprint site

In-browser de-anonymization simulator (for social networks)

January of 2017 | Awareness raising | Website

An in-browser demo to show the power of social network de-anonymization; it explains what it is, provides insights how these attacks work, and contains a visual simulator, where you can play around with the attacks.

TLDR: simulator | Simulator with explanation

Recent & active projects

SALab (Structural Anonymity Lab) Framework

October of 2016 | Simulator | Java framework

SALab is a command line tool (mainly) to run and evaluate social network de-anonymization attacks. It has several attacks, seeding methods and data preparation methods implemented, and provides a detailed feedback for the user. Efficient to run attacks on graphs having ~100k nodes.

Source, binaries & docs


2016 | Awareness raising | Thunderbird plugin

TracEmail is an addon for Thunderbird which estimates and displays the route an email had taken during its transmission from one person to another.

Website | Thunderbird Addons


January of 2016 | Awareness raising | Website

These websites were created to raise awareness on web tracking: what motivates tracking, why that matters, and how it is being done. The site also proposes some tools for digital self-protection.

Hungarian site | International site


2016 | Data collection, awareness raising | Experiment, Firefox plugin

SpyTheBug is a Firefox extension that was created to measure the extent of tracking its user are exposed to. Besides collecting data on tracking, it also provided detailed statistics to its users on how they are being tracked.



2015 | Data collection, awareness raising | Experiment, Firefox plugin

The Mouseveillance tool was designed to collect data on how people use their pointer devices (mainly the mouse) to surf on website, and whether this poses a threat to user privacy (i.e., it enables tracking or not).


Email Privacy Visualization Project v1.1 (EPVP)

October of 2012 | Awareness raising | Thunderbird plugin

The codebase of EPVP v1.0 was updated in order to make it compatible with the new API, at least for Thunderbird and we also created the initial website for the project.



April of 2012 | Awareness raising, Proof-of-concept | Firefox plugin

This browser extension aimed to show that cross-browser tracking can be defeated by modifying the browser slightly, and this not necessarily means the significant degradation of user experience.
While this was strictly a single-purpose demo tool, it became relatively widely known after a couple of years, and it was promoted as a privacy-enhancing tool.

Website | Source code | How not to use FireGloves

Cross-browser fingerprinting test 2.0

March of 2012 | Data collection, awareness raising | Experiment

A demonstration that fingerprinting based web tracking works even when users switch browser, which is also called device fingerprinting. Inspired by Panopticlick and the System fingerprint projects, it has collected 200-300k fingerprints so far.



2011 | Proof-of-concept demo, privacy enhancing technology | Bookmarklet

A bookmarklet that demonstrates an interesting concept on using steganography on websites. With StegoWeb you can select a text on a website, and modify it. After that, you can share the modification with someone else, but not fact of the modification, nor the content will be disclosed to anyone else, but to you. The hidden content is stored in a URL shortener service in an AES encrypted form, the link between the content and the related site is also hidden.


Email Privacy Visualization Project v1.0 (EPVP)

2010-2011 | Awareness raising | Thunderbird and Firefox plugins

The first ancestor of TracEmail was implemented while working together with Privacy International. It was both created for Thunderbird and for Firefox (Gmail only), however, a couple of months later the whole API was changed, making further updates necessary (v1.1).


System fingerprint

2010 | Data collection, awareness raising | Experiment

The first website that coined cross-browser fingerprinting and collected data to show that it actually works.


The BROAD project

2009-2010 | Awareness raising | Project participation

Broadening the Range Of Awareness in Data protection (BROAD) aimd to raise awareness in the area of data protection and information privacy by using innovative means and methods. I participated in the project by creating the International PET Portal and Blog.

International PET Portal and Blog


2009 | Proof-of-concept demo, privacy enhancing technology | Firefox plugin

BlogCrypt was a proof-of-concept tool on how cryptograph can be used easily and seemlessly on the web (e.g, in blogs).

Hungarian PET Portal and Blog

2007 | Awareness raising | Website

The Hungarian PET Portal and Blog was launched to cover a nieche market: it was one of the first websites raising awareness related to privacy and also promoting early privacy-enhancing technologies.

PET Portal and Blog [hun]

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