GULYÁS, Gábor György, Ph.D.

Media & Press

Beside my blog, I regularly write posts in the blog of PET Portal (both in Hungarian and English), and sometimes tweets.

Our activities, such as games, presentation and other things we organized had an impact over the years. I've been playing a key role in the enlisted events, for which we had some notable media responses – although this list has 162 items currently, you should note that it has not been updated for a while.


  • An hour long lively discussion on online privacy in the Schönerz radio, BME (10 February 2015). [mp3]
  • Interview on mouse-based identification that appeared on the front-page of BME (26 November 2015).
  • We had a 5 min interview with Ákos Szerencsés and me in the (national) Kossuth Radio on mouse heatmaps and mouse-based identification. I also reviewed the web privacy landscape (26 October 2014). [mp3]
  • I also edited an e-book on enhancing privacy for Tresorit (2014). [pdf]
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